An intensive personalised handstand training programme


  • Free initial consultation to discuss your handstand goals, strengths/weaknesses and how I can help you.
  • Assessment package: you will receive a list of video exercises which will help me assess your strength and flexibility to try at home before our first video session.
  • A personalised training programme designed to target your specific needs which will include demo videos, photos and a written breakdown of each exercise.
  • Initial troubleshooting video session for any questions regarding your programme and subsequent twice monthly video sessions.
  • Email/text feedback in between sessions.


  • Increased strength in your shoulders and core.
  • Increased flexibility/mobility in your shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings.
  • Better awareness and alignment in your handstand.
  • Improved proprioception (co-ordination) and spatial awareness.
  • More confidence to help you tackle both physical and emotional challenges!


*** The results of any training programme or coaching course cannot be guaranteed and progress depends on your effort and cooperation in and outside of the sessions. Individual results may vary.