Q: Is online training right for me?

This programme is a great opportunity for you to learn from expert handbalancing coach, Zoe, when you are not able to train with her one-on-one. You can make huge improvements in your handstands if you dedicate yourself to your personalised training programme

This approach can be especially useful if you travel a lot or if you live abroad!


Q: What do I need to submit?

Once Zoe has received your questionnaire form and you have had your consultation call, you will need to send photos and videos demonstrating your current flexibility and technique. You can send these materials to handstandswithzoe@gmail.com


Q: How long is the training program?

The minimum commitment for online coaching is three months, but many students choose to continue their training on an ongoing basis.

Q: How do I start?

To get started with online coaching, you will need to submit some information in a questionnaire for new students. You will then need to book your free initial video consultation with Zoe so that she can assess your needs and see if online coaching is appropriate for you! You will then receive a personalised training programme with exercises and videos tailored to your specific needs and handstand goals.


Q: How can I contact Zoe?

You can reach Zoe directly by emailing handstandswithzoe@gmail.com. Training videos can be submitted via a Google Drive folder that will be created once you have signed up for the programme.



Q: When will I receive training programmes and feedback?

You will be sent a short list of diagnostic exercises to try at home before your first session with Zoe. Together with the information given in your questionnaire, your initial consultation, and some photos and videos that you will send, Zoe will create a training programme for you that you will receive in your first week. Once you’ve been able to try all of the exercises in your programme you will have the opportunity to troubleshoot any of these in a session with Zoe. 
Each week you will receive an amended programme with new exercises to help you progress. Make sure you take a look at all of the videos, photos and descriptions so that they are all clear and make sense to you.

At the end of each training week, you will submit videos of each exercise into a Google Drive folder so that Zoe can review your progress, give feedback and send you the next week’s programme.