The results speak for themselves!


“I was interested in handstands and followed Zoe on Instagram, learning from her from a distance. I was so inspired by her, that I wanted to meet her in person. My friend and I decided we would ask make a weekend out of it and fly out to London. Zoe gave us so much useful information! She worked with us on our own level and she taught us how to help each other. She made sure we learned a lot in the short time that we were with her. My handstand has got a lot better and I still use exercises I learned then and I am still inspired by her!”

Nathalie, 26, The Netherlands


“I’ve been doing handstands on and off for over 10 years and despite this experience I suffer very badly with fear of falling.  Zoe has been heaven sent especially at times where other coaches have lost their patience with me. She has never once lost patience or expressed an ounce of frustration.

Zoe is particularly understanding about fear. I know that if I go to train with her, I won’t be pushed beyond my limits, which is counterproductive in the long term for my particular problem of overcoming fear.

The drills we do are unique, creative and tailored to me and I can repeat them at home with minimal fuss.  Zoe is my go-to for when I want to work on alignment or when I need to have a still-difficult but slightly more nurturing session and want to have a very patient coach.  I can’t express enough the importance of knowing that there is a coach that will keep you safe. 

Zoe has never made me feel stupid and I know that with her, I’m in good hand. She has so much experience that it is unlikely that I’ll ever have a problem she hasn’t seen, or an issue that she can’t suggest a drill for.”

Karen, 37, Oxfordshire


“Zoe Jones is definitely one of the best hand balancing coaches and I respect her for her hard work and caring nature. Despite coming from a Yoga background I had never tried inversions before, due to being terrified of being upside down and falling. After an hour of training with Zoe I was holding a handstand for 20 seconds against a wall! She really helped me to build my confidence and overcome my fears. I can’t recommend working with Zoe enough; once you meet her you’ll understand how brilliant and inspiring she is.” 

Shannon, 25, London

"I have attended many one-to-one lessons with Zoe at her London base. When I first met Zoe, she made me feel very at ease, but I knew straight away she was a seriously professional handstand coach. I arrived at Zoe’s door with the idea that if I kept throwing myself into the air, I would eventually be able to stand on my hands. How wrong I was…

Zoe carefully explained what drills I would need to do to enable my body to handstand. Handstanding is a journey and having an incredible teacher and professional handbalancer with you every step of the way is a massive help. I totally recommend Zoe if you decide to take the challenging journey to handstand heaven."

Jonathan, 53, UK



“I have been training handstands with Zoe for around two years and have been impressed by how her guidance has helped me improve not only hand balancing, but also overall strength and flexibility throughout my body. Zoe has an ability to quickly identify areas that need to be worked on and design exercises to address them. Over time, I have come to realise that she has a good understanding of when I am ready to go to the next progression as well as when I am not. I really look forward to my sessions with Zoe as she clearly loves what she does and this also inspires me. I have happily recommended her to my some of my friends. “

Richard, 43, London

“Zoe is a fantastic teacher with years of experience and wealth of tips and tricks to get the very best out of you. She combines gentle encouragement to maintain focus with a dynamic energy to build strength and achieve proper form. Being such an amazing practitioner herself, she’s an inspiration, helping you make quick progress yourself. Truly a phenomenon!”

Harry, 43, UK



"When I went on vacation to London I decided I had to meet Zoe for some lessons in handbalancing. My session was so good that I booked to see her again the very next day! 
The drills and warm-ups are something that I add to my routine before I handbalance now. I'd definitely recommend Zoe to anyone who wants to learn more about handbalancing or even awareness of your body's posture to gain better mobility. Can't wait to train with her again!"

Steph, 36, Dubai

"If you're thinking about wanting to learn handstands and want to them properly, I'd highly recommend Zoe. I worked with her for about 5 months before I moved out of London and she got me from not being able to do anything to being able to do a full handstand. She got me through all of the progressions really quickly and easily and in a really fun way. She makes things really easy and she is able to highlight specific issues for you (which was really important for me) and just have a bit of fun with it! If you're thinking of doing handstands, I'd highly recommend getting in contact with her. Zoe is super relaxed, doesn't pressure you and works at your pace."

Nick, Bath